I'm Lauren - an integrative nutrition health coach. Welcome to the judge-free zone.

I make health personal, sustainable and cheer you on like there's no tomorrow.

When I'm not coaching women in-person or online, you’ll find me cozied up in a coffee shop, dancing while making a new recipe in the kitchen, or hanging with my hubby and puppy in Alpharetta, GA.


Most women stumble upon here looking for:

  • Recipes and nutrition information,

  • Answers to questions, like "How to balance food and social life,” “How to clear my acne,” or “How to know what foods are best for me” and

  • A pep talk for that "Thank goodness I'm not the only one!" feeling.

Maybe you're wondering why each diet has somehow lead to a downward spiral on the weekend.

Or perhaps you had big plans to get it "all figured out" (the weight, the acne, the hormones), but good intentions fizzled out.

You’re just not where you thought you’d be by now and you’re thinking, why not?


Around here you can expect:

  • That soul-sister kind of friendship,

  • delicious food without the restrictions of an intense diet, and

  • information and coaching support to help you navigate your health journey.

Bonus? You might just become the single source of your own happiness.

I love reminding you that you’re worthy and supported. That you got this. And when life happens, my hand is out there to help pick you up.


my favorite question is, "how would your life be different if you fully stepped into the woman you’re meant to be?"

I support the go-getters, the dreamers, the get-back-on-track’ers, the wine-sippers, the snackers, the veggie-eaters and the chocolate-lovers.


my personal story

I lived the typical 20-something lifestyle:

  • I spent hours in front of the mirror either covering up my acne or throwing a million outfits on the floor before a date night or girls night out,

  • I learned all of my perfect photo angles,

  • I worked an intense first job out of college, making six figures within my first year, but being on call 24/7 and working weekends: hello, entire bag of chips to the face.

  • I graduated college and moved 1,000 miles from my family,

  • I spent late nights drinking with new friends in a new city… then,

  • I tried miserably to sweat everything out in the gym the next day with a green juice.

  • I was 25 pounds overweight.

  • I dated men who didn’t like me or didn’t respond to my texts. I didn’t particularly like them either...

I was secretly burnt out.

One day, a girlfriend (a guardian angel in disguise) introduced me to health and life coaching. “You probably don’t need it; your life is already so perfect.” 

She had no idea how miserable I actually was. I signed up almost immediately.

I did the work. For months, without my girlfriends really knowing, without saying much to family members, I showed up every day, every week, every month to work on me.

  • I got crystal clear on what I actually wanted my life to look like:

  • I lost 25 pounds by eating food I loved and doing exercise that wasn’t miserable.

  • I found a career I love.

  • I co-founded a charity event that raised thousands for confidence-building programs for girls.

  • I forgave people in my life that I never thought I’d forgive.

  • I no longer had to live the party-girl life on nights when I wanted to stay in.

  • I cleared up my 10-year hormonal acne using a natural, holistic approach.

  • I got engaged to my now husband - I felt so gorgeous, sexy, vibrant and deeply grateful on my wedding day!

Lauren Stickney Health Coach - About.png

I enrolled in any and every development opportunity I could get my hands on: Aimee Batuski, Landmark Education, Jess Lively, Tara Bliss, the Association for Training & Development and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

At the time, all of this personal development was for me: I wanted a better life, and I created it using all of the strategies and tools I picked up along the way.

Eventually, I thought,

“I love living a life that I control. That's created by me. Why can’t every woman have this?”

I’m so excited to show YOU how to do it, too!


here are two things you might not know about me...

  1. I ran away at the age of four. Down the driveway to the curb with my Barbie suitcase. Luckily, I changed my mind after ten minutes! I’m a determined, independent girl!

  2. My now-hubby and I met from a mutual friend and shared our first kiss in a dive bar... to Shania Twain's "Man I Feel Like a Woman." Yes, really! He then surprised me at our wedding when his band played it at our reception! (Ask me for the full story sometime!) #LetsGoGirls