What if you could create a clean slate for your body and mind in just four weeks?


Do you feel like a failure for never sticking to a diet or detox? (Spoiler: It’s not your fault!)

Does your life feel cluttered, overwhelming and chaotic?

Do you wish you could stop being a “Yes” person, and be able to say “No” more often?

Is your social media feed sucking you into a rabbit hole every time you open the app?

Do you feel like negative thought patterns are holding you back from feeling confidence and unconditional self-love?

I know how it feels.


Imagine what life would be like…

Imagine what your life would be like if you were in control of your well-being and happiness, feeling peace of mind and clear about your priorities in life?

What would life look like if your world was organized and intentional?

What could be possible for you if you had unconditional love for yourself AND others?

Imagine… a life where you feel positive and radiate glowing confidence!


Introducing the Clean Slate Method

4 weeks to renewed confidence in body and mind with Self-Love expert + Well-Being Coach Lauren Stickney


Tabula Rasa (Latin): A clean slate, literally ‘scraped tablet’, denoting a tablet with the writing erased.


A ‘tabula rasa’ is exactly what you’ll get out of this program… an easy and beautifully crafted 4-week methodology to create a clean slate, revealing renewed confidence in your body in mind.

Learn how to gently and effectively cleanse your body and mind by:

// creating an environment that energizes and supports your lifestyle

// releasing chemical and emotional toxins in your body

// refreshing your relationships

// and embracing unconditional self-love!


The Clean Slate Methodology


week one // external environment: home

Learn exactly how to conduct a thorough detox of your home, including your kitchen pantry, refrigerator, and bathroom. You’ll use my Clean Slate Method for an easy-to-follow guide and feel a natural increase in mental AND physical energy as a result!

week two // internal environment: body

Don't be fooled; this is not a strict diet. You'll gently yet effectively release chemical toxins from the body using nutrition changes. You’ll also remove emotional toxins from the body through an Emotion Release activity. During this week, you’ll learn how to fill your plate with REAL nourishment, complete a Breakfast Experiment, and be supported with supplemental resources.


week three // your relationships

Complete a social media cleanse and evaluate your relationships by learning how to overcome conflict, create boundaries, and express gratitude towards the relationships you DO want in your life.

week four // the MIND

Is your past holding you back from a fulfilling, vibrant future filled with unconditional self-love? You'll learn to reframe stress, face your wounds and rewrite your story to feel inspired and excited for what's ahead!

They’ve been where you are…

Lauren creates a safe space where I could face the things I was avoiding and covering up with food.
— Katie
She became the accountability partner that I needed to help me make my health a priority. Lauren really taught me how to slow down and listen to my body.
— Ashley
I have completely changed the way that I think about food and my health.
— Stefanie
I’m a happier, healthier, glowing version of myself, able to tackle challenges as they come my way.
— Lauren G.

Hi! I’m Lauren…

…a self-love + wellness coach with a fondness for all things cozy and caffeinated. I bring a refreshing, feminine and whole-you approach to your body + mind. Check out my story below!


Real talk: The first time I tried to do a juice cleanse, I was fatigued, hungry, miserable and honestly? I felt like a total failure for not being able to make it more than two days.

I believe the thoughts we feed our mind are just as powerful as the food we feed our body… that’s why I teach women how to nourish themselves in all areas of life!

I used to think that losing weight, clearing my acne, getting the guy, and hustling in my career (all external validation) were the keys to my confidence. I studied countless resources, books, and articles to figure out how to get there.

I learned that in order to be happy, healthy and have a better relationship with myself, I needed to address much more than the food I was eating. I wish I’d had the Clean Slate Method back then, because it would’ve given me 360 degree support to rebuild my body, mind, and soul.

If I’d had the Clean Slate Method back then, I would’ve saved a whole lot of time searching for the answers I was looking for!

While working with my clients, I kept noticing that before they could change the health of their body or mind for good, they needed to create a “tabula rasa” or clean slate… a new foundation to build their future on! That’s why I created the Clean Slate Method... to give you a step-by-step process to hit the restart button, let go of overwhelm, and nourish your body and mind from the inside out.

I can’t wait for you to join me on this INCREDIBLE journey!




Are you ready to create your Clean Slate?

Schedule a Discovery Call with Lauren to learn how the Clean Slate Method can work for you.


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What’s Included in the Clean Slate Method Program?

  • Clean Slate Method Success Toolkit + Intention Setting Guide

  • 4 60-minute online group coaching calls

  • 4 weeks of self-paced online trainings, including videos, worksheets, activities and handouts

  • Access to the Clean Slate Method private Facebook group

  • LIFETIME program access


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the process to join the Clean Slate Method?

When you schedule a discovery call with me, we'll have a conversation (think of it as a virtual coffee chat) to see if the Clean Slate Method is right for you and if we're a good fit for each other. I'll ask you some questions about your health history, your goals, what's not working, etc. You'll also learn all the details about the Clean Slate Method Program and have an opportunity to join us if it's the right fit!

Q2. Will my information be confidential and kept safe?

Yes - Joining the Clean Slate Method means committing to confidentiality within our community. Every participant signs a Confidentialty Pledge.

Q3. How much time will I need to commit?

The clean Slate Method is strucutred to fit seamlessly into your existing life. Learn online on your own time. You'll simply plan to attende our weekly group coaching call, which last one hour.

Q4. What if I already eat well? What results will I get from this program?

The Clean Slate Method takes an integrated, whole-you approach to mind + body connection. If you already consider your nutrition to be in great shape, that's perfect! You'll benefit greatly from the gentle detoxing of your surroundings, relationships, mind, and even your emotions during each week.

Q5. Who else will be in my group?

My heart flutters every time I think of the women who join the Clean Slate Method. She's big-hearted, kind, and totally willing to support her community. Beyond those qualities, the community is made of diverse women from across the country. Get ready to connect with women who want to see other women thrive!

Q6. I still have questions. How do I know the Clean Slate Method is right for me?

Schedule a Discovery Call today and I'll answer all of your questions!