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I see you, girl.

You’re the type of woman who gives your all to everyone: you show up crushing it at your job, you’re kind to everyone who crosses your path, you’d never hurt a fly. People are drawn to your big heart! 

But, behind that big heart, you’re struggling to balance it all and do it all on your own.


Somehow, after a few years of no issues (and actually, you were feeling your best)...

  • your workouts aren’t driving the results they once did,
  • you’re feelin’ the stress creep in,
  • you have less time to spend with your girlfriends,
  • and your energy just isn’t poppin’ the way it used to.

Maybe acne or weight loss feels like a constant battle, but your dermatologist or doctor has sort of dismissed you because your struggles can’t be “diagnosed.”


You want to feel confident in social situations again, without layers of makeup, fake convos or small talk.

You don’t want to sacrifice brunches and happy hours, but you ALSO don’t want to sacrifice your happiness and health goals.

If you could find true balance, truuuuue balance, maybe you’d see different results or feel better about yourself.


Maybe you’d stop spending $50 a month on sweets and treats that you don’t really need.

Maybe you’d save time researching the latest health trends online.

Maybe you’d stop scrolling through your Instagram comparing yourself to the fitness moguls.

You’re motivated, you’re really trying! It’s not for lack of effort but there’s just something missing.


It doesn’t have to be this way forever.


For women, hormone imbalance is often at the root of issues we face:

// acne

// holding onto weight

// chronic “fight or flight” mode

// sleep and digestion problems

These things are all too common for women but that doesn’t mean they’re normal. Most women feel like they’re swimming upstream, hustling to get healthy.

There’s a NEW way to work with your female hormone cycle instead of against it.

Are you ready to feel comfortable and embrace this part of being a woman? Let’s find your balance without giving up your goals (or the dark chocolate!).

Here's how...

lauren stickney.jpg

// know

Gain a working knowledge of food and physical activity that affects your unique body. You should know which foods work WITH your female body for optimal hormone health. Doing so will naturally crowd out the “fake foods” that does your body more harm than good. You must also discover exercise that helps you feel comfortable, strong and energized in your own skin. No crazy restricting, prescribed diets, or unhappy taste buds here!!


glow //

Women ultimately want to feel confident, cared for and loved.
That starts from within. It’s important for women to implement sustainable lifestyle changes that leaves us
GLOWING from the inside out!

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// flow

Create consistency and routines around healthy habits by being held accountable by a vibrant community of women. You’ll be given all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to be successful.


About the Program


This program is designed to teach you healthier habits and to provide you a holistic perspective on women’s wellness.

This is not your average program.

Yes, food and exercise play an important role in health and wellness but in order to reach your true wellness goals, we gotta dig deep!


You’ll learn something new: about your health AND about yourself. Each week, the program will focus on a different aspect of wellbeing.

By the end of this program, you’ll:

  • Be held accountable to your vision of improved health

  • Incorporate new foods that leave you feeling nourished and balanced

  • Experiment with exercise that works with your cycle, not against it

  • Learn and apply self-care practices that decrease anxiety and begin to repair your digestion

  • Become part of a community of heart-filled, supportive women

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4 Live Group Coaching Calls


plus guided meditations
and all program materials

- Valued at $250 - 


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Active Facebook Community


to get A’s to your Q’s and grow
with other heart-filled women!

- Valued at $150 - 


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New Lesson Each Day

Daily quick tips with recommended actions
to apply what you’re learning

- Valued at $150


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Guest Contributors

yoga instructors, personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches, and more


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Bonus Content

never shared before
new content



Program Investment // $99

(or two payments of $55)


ORIENTATION WEEK // August 31 - September 5
Set intentions, get to know your group and create your vision for transformation.

GET NOURISHED // September 6 - 12
There’s a lot of conflicting information around what to eat for optimal health. You’ll learn how processed foods, synthetic hormones, and sugar keep women from their health goals. You’ll learn how to add greens, fruits, protein and healthy fats. Watch as your skin starts to glow, your energy levels increase and your body detoxes naturally!

GET MOVING // September 13 - 19
The body needs both energizing movement and softer movement to get the balance it needs. For women, that can look like pairing a couple days of yoga and pilates with a couple days of more intense cardio. Find your flow this week.

GET BALANCED // September 20 - 26
Most women hang out in the sympathetic nervous system, which is where our “fight and flight” lives. Our bodies don’t know the difference between you running from a jungle animal or you being overwhelmed by your to-do list. So, get into your parasympathetic nervous system, which is where “rest and digest” systems live.

GET CONSISTENT // September 27 - October 4
How do you keep up the momentum to make healthy dieting and lifestyle sustainable? Whatever it looks like for you, you’ll find it this week.


Ready to treat the root cause, not the symptom, and take back control together?
Are you ready to get started?


Deadline to register // September 5, 2018
payment plan available
space is limited


I could chat with you here all day, but don't take it from me!

Lauren is a true ‘girl’s girl’ and has experienced all the drama, food cravings, inconvenient breakouts, and guy drama that you and your best friend have experienced. She is a safe space of love, encouragement, and advice.
— Melanie // Georgia
It’s been so refreshing to talk about my health in such a judgement-free environment. Lauren has been so great every step of the way. She made me proud of my accomplishments, no matter how big or small!
— Chelsea // Connecticut
lauren stickney-5.jpg

Hi, I'm Lauren -

an integrative nutrition health coach with a specialty in women’s health - and I’m here to welcome you to the judge-free zone.

Around here you can expect soul-sister vibes, delicious whole foods without restrictive diets, and a cheerleader (okay, more like a pep-talker) supporting you through the journey.

I love to remind you that you’re worthy.

That you got this.

And when life happens, my hand is out there to help pick you up and remind you of why you started.

I support the go-getters, the dreamers, the get-back-on-track’ers, the wine-sippers, the veggie-eaters and the burger-lovers.

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned about more than 100 dietary theories and studied lifestyle coaching methods.

My specialty in women’s health, acne and hormones came from a deep desire to crack the code on my own health (think: 10 years of confidence-shattering acne and hormone issues!) and believing to my core that
every woman
should feel whole, complete, and perfect.

Drawing on this knowledge and passion, as well as two years of working in adult education, l help heart-filled women like you create a “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, and goals by teaching and guiding you in a way that’s not too science-y or too “woo-woo.”

More importantly, I love food, dancing, hiking, hunkering down in a coffee shop, a good Skype sesh with my girlfriends, and spending time with my hubby and dog, Scout!!

have a question or want to say hi?
I'd love to hear from you!



Frequently asked questions

Q1. Will I get 1-ON-1 time with Lauren?

Chances are, your question is one that many people want the answer to! The weekly calls and Facebook group are both great ways to get support. But, if you need 1x1 time, you’ll have the opportunity to book a 1x1 session for a discounted rate.

Q2. Will my information be confidential and kept safe?

Yes - We take every precaution to keep your information safe-guarded. Plus, this program gives you the opportunity to share only what is comfortable for you!

Q3. Do I have to participate in group discussions?

No, but this is where the magic happens!

Q4. Do I have to complete each session before the next one is available?

A new unit gets released every Thursday morning and is broken out into sections. You can complete them all at once, or bit by bit! It’s recommended, but not required, that you complete the unit before the next live call.

Q5. Will the live coaching calls be recorded?

The first part of the call will be recorded; however, the Q&A and live coaching will not be recorded to protect our community. I highly encourage you make note of the live calls on your calendar - you won’t want to miss them!

Q6. What if I have a question or want advice on something that we’re not learning?

Send me an email at If it’s something all of us could benefit from, I may ask that we share it with our broader community.

Q7. I’m somewhat shy. Do I have to share?

You don’t. The beautiful thing about this program is that you’ll learn from other people’s transformations. That being said, one of the most transformational parts of this program is when you do speak up; because the world (and this community!) needs your voice.

Q8. What if I want to connect with other participants?

That’s what this is all about! Connect away.

Q9. Is there a refund policy?

If you’re not 100% satisfied, and you can show me you’ve done the “work” (i.e. attended and participated on calls and in the Facebook group), e-mail and you’ll only be responsible for the pro-rated share of the program that’s been delivered.