Answers to Professional Women’s Most Asked Nutrition Questions

Answers to Professional Women’s Most Asked Nutrition Questions

I was recently invited to speak on a panel of health professionals in Atlanta. The audience was a group of incredibly talented female boss babes. Think: working long hours, running from meeting to meeting, but committed to eating well and being healthy.

Here are the questions they had - covering everything from intermittent fasting to organic produce to my favorite on-the-go smoothie for fall. Enjoy!

Recipe: Chopped Tuna Salad

Last week, I asked you on my Instagram story for your questions on meal planning and prepping. One question I received was, "I find that in the middle of the week I run out of proteins that are pre-prepped. Any recommendations or tips?" There are lots of great options for meal prepping protein so that you’re covered for the week, including this easy and quick tuna salad recipe!

How to Heal Your Adult Acne

How to Heal Your Adult Acne

If you’re swimming upstream, hustling to get clear skin, I want you to consider a new way to work WITH your female hormone cycle instead of against it.

These tips can be incorporated into your routine as a way to start focusing your skin on the inside and the outside. This is the best way to achieve optimal hormone balance and therefore glowing skin.

6 Benefits of Group Health Coaching

6 Benefits of Group Health Coaching

After months of research, training, coaching women, and answering your questions, I’ve found that ALL women need to be held accountable, food for nourishment, exercise that works with their hormone cycle instead of against it, self-care to reduce anxiety and a community of heart-filled women. Thinking of joining a group health coaching program? These 6 benefits will help you understand how a group program can benefit your goals.

5 Exercise Tips for Busy Women

5 Exercise Tips for Busy Women

It’s not exactly relaxing to start a new exercise routine when you’re already exhausted from work.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to fit exercise in. Doing the same thing day in and day out is, say it with me, “booooring!"

Here are six great ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine. Each tip is tested for sustainability, and will make exercise a lot more fun than those one-size-fits-all routines you’ve probably tried in the past.

A Different Detox: How to Ditch Technology Without Going Crazy

“Just go on airplane mode!”

“Why can’t you just put your phone down?"

“Are you even listening to me while you scroll through Instagram?"

If you’ve been on the receiving end of any of these phrases, you might've rolled your eyes. I mean, can you imagine living without technology? I carry my iPhone around with me everywhere.


The fact that all of my bridesmaids lived in different cities wasn’t easy, but we video-chatted the weeks leading up to my wedding and had so much fun planning over Skype. The ability to meet with my clients who live across the country over video chat is something that’s allowed me a reach of impact that I wouldn’t otherwise have. I wouldn't have a health coaching business if I hadn't started a tiny little Instagram account over four years ago.

But... When I catch myself texting while I eat a meal, or (I can’t believe I’m admitting this) on my way to the bathroom, I cringe in shame.

So, is technology really that dangerous?

The answer is a resounding YES.


The Effects Of Always Being "On"

Electronics make our lives better in many ways, but being connected to others constantly can wear on our well-being. It can cut into our long-term happiness and lower our overall satisfaction with life - and who wants that?

The benefits of taking a digital detox (even if they’re mini-detoxes!) are profound. People who've taken a break from technology report a sense of feeling more closely connected to those around them. When we’re tied to our screens, our priorities shift from spending time with loved ones in person and can easily disrupt our well-being. Stress can easily increase, too.

We may feel more depressed and more alone in general when we spend an excessive amount of time scrolling Instagram (guilty!), rather than communicating face to face.

I’ve noticed myself struggle with this; I have to consciously build in time to see people in person to feel connected and grounded and frequently take technology detoxes where I place my phone on airplane mode and leave it in a drawer for a night or even a full day.

We may feel more depressed and more alone in general when we spend an excessive amount of time scrolling Instagram, rather than communicating face to face.
— Lauren Stickney

How To Do A Digital Detox (Without Going Crazy)

A digital detox doesn’t have to mean you cut out technology completely. As I always preach to clients, “Progress, not perfection!” I guarantee you’ll notice yourself listening to your body and mind more.

Here are a few guidelines to create your own digital detox. Use as many or as few as you’d like - everyone’s detox should be unique to their own needs! 

 Who else is totally guilty of doing this? Phone eats first!

Who else is totally guilty of doing this? Phone eats first!


1. Purge!!! Clean up, get rid of, and delete unnecessary technology. This approach can apply to entire devices (you can recycle old iPods, just Google where to drop them off!) all the way down to the apps on your phone. Which electronics do you use with regularity? Which electronics or apps can you part with? Even eliminating half the apps on your phone feels so freeing. It can lighten your mental load, even if you don’t stop using your phone altogether.

2. Make a date with social media. This sounds counter-intuitive, but scheduling boundaries around when you’ll use social media can free up your time and mental space. There’s no need to update the world (or your pages) every hour, and your friends and family’s posts aren’t going anyway any time soon.

3. Write in a journal. Remember when we used to have diaries? Social media has now become somewhat of a diary, but usually just the highlight reel. Give yourself a break from structuring every sentence to be perfect for FB or Insta. Some free writing in a journal can ease your mind and ease your desire to record yourself. 

4. Meet with, call or voice text your girlfriends. One easy break you can take from technology is to reach out to your besties personally whenever you need support. Most of us will just text when we want to chat, but taking time to call, voice text, or meet in person can create a break from electronic communication. It doesn’t seem like much, but I make it a point to have one girl’s night once a month, whether it’s in-person in Atlanta or with my college besties on Skype!

5. Give yourself “breaks” for 1-2 days. You don’t have to give up your electronics for a very long time if you’re not ready to do so. Just take the weekend off, or stop at a certain time after work. Over time, you may even find these breaks to be addictive!


Have you ever attempted a digital detox? How did it go? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Demystifying Health Coaching Part 2: Her Before and After Transformation

Demystifying Health Coaching Part 2: Her Before and After Transformation

Earlier this week we demystified health coaching by talking about the 5 benefits of hiring a health coach.

You might be thinking, “Easy for you to say, Lauren! You ARE a health coach.”

To that I say, Girl, you’re totally right…

It’s like deciding where to go for dinner tonight. You don’t really listen to the restaurant owner, do you? Nooo! You get recommendations from your girlfriends, from people like you, who’ve eaten at that restaurant and swear by their delicious meals!

So, I brought in a girlfriend (a.k.a. a former client and sweet friend) to give you the real deal. 

Read on for my mini-interview with Melanie. This ad gal and yogi transformed her health to eat better, know which habits work for her (and which don’t!), all while blowing past roadblocks and even feeling confident on a “bad” day.

Demystifying Health Coaching Part 1: 5 benefits of hiring a health coach

Demystifying Health Coaching Part 1: 5 benefits of hiring a health coach

Are you feeling out of control when it comes to your health and life? Do you feel like something’s “off” but you’re not sure what it is? Are you feeling guilty that each diet somehow leads to a downward spiral on the weekend?

You make big plans to get it all figured out January 1st: the weight, the acne, a job you love, finding the right partner. But good intentions fizzle out after “life” gets in the way: happy hours, weddings, work functions, date nights. You’re just not where you thought you’d be by now and you’re thinking, what happened?

Sound like you?

If you’re reading this and thinking, “YES, that’s how I feel right now!” here are the four benefits of working with an integrative nutrition health coach.