5 DAYS OF GIFTING (Day 3 of 5): Skin, Body & Beauty

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P.S. All opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored. However, I am a proud consultant for Beautycounter. Thank you for supporting brands who make it possible for me to create free content for you!

We all deserve to indulge and enjoy delicious food, thoughtful gifts and quality time with loved ones during this season! However, the holidays are a time when a lot of us feel like we’re “off-track."

The truth is, there are choices we can make during this season to "do our best and forget the rest."

Another truth-bomb: Why waste money during the holidays on things that lose their sparkle by New Year’s Day?

Give gifts that make a difference and change someone else’s life. And while you’re at it, give YOURSELF gifts that change YOUR life, too.

Over the next five days, I'll share with you the gifts that I'm giving and recommending this year for the loved ones in your life.

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Day 1: Health Coaching

Day 2: Food & Wine

Day 3: Skin, Body & Beauty - TODAY!

Day 4: Goal-Slaying

Day 5: Mind, Body, Soul


PRIIA: www.priia.com (15% off on Cyber Monday, using code CYBER15)

Priia is an incredible, small biz brand that formulates makeup for acne-prone skin. They specifically keep out ingredients that clog pores, and add in ingredients that keep pores from clogging. If I had a dollar for every time I talked about their products, I’d be rich! Not an ad… just a brand I love!

Favorite Products:

  • Mineral Foundation: Their powder foundation is one of the products that I ALWAYS come back to. Plus, $30 is a great price, in my opinion, for a good quality foundation for acne skin.

  • Calm Down spot treatment: I love this anti-blemish powder more than any other acne treatment I’ve found (even benzoyl peroxide, which is too harsh for me). It soothes and heals pimples overnight without being too harsh on my sensitive skin. Obsessed!

Beautycounter: www.beautycounter.com/laurenstickney (15% off sitewide + free shipping on orders over $50 on Cyber Monday)

I’m picky when it comes to my skincare because of my acne journey. After two years of testing Beautycounter’s products with skepticism (mostly because I’ve had bad experiences with customer-to-customer brands), I’ve added them to my recommended list of skincare brands and joined their team as a consultant, too! Their mission of BETTER HEALTH aligns perfectly with my health coaching practice. If you want to specifically get Beautycounter info from me, just click here. You’ll be included in my Beautycounter list, and you can browse their website for products if you’d like!

Favorite Products:

  • Cleansing Balm: Acne sufferers will cringe when they hear this. A rich balm with oils on acne skin? HOW? This balm has actually saved my skin after I had a short phase of destroying my skin with harsh products. I use it to take off my makeup before cleansing at night. I also use it solo in the AM as a cleanser. I ALSO use it as a nourishing overnight mask on any dry areas or (dare-I-admit-it) popped pimples. I recommend getting the regular sized one because you’ll use it all the time.

  • Citrus Mimosa Sugar Scrub: This product makes me feel like I’m at the spa. I use it after I do my pre-shower body brushing. I’m also obsessed with the smell.

  • Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary: After body brushing or using any body exfoliant, you HAVE to moisturize. YOU HAVE TO! This is what has been keeping my skin hydrated and protected from body breakouts in the cold months. I love the nourishing essential oils in this one - yum!

  • Beautycounter Counterman Travel Set: I bought one of these travel sets for each of the men in my life. I feel like guys don’t really like to get into skincare, you know? The fact that this travel set is small, not fussy and effective is perfect for them. I also love the idea that I’m gifting better quality ingredients to the men in my life, since it’s probably the last thing they’re thinking about!

Aillea: www.aillea.com (Purchase from AILLEA and get 20% off with CHEERSAILLEA at checkout): 

Aillea is a great one-stop shop for all clean beauty products! They carry skincare, makeup and just about anything else you’d need. They recently opened a brick and mortar store in Atlanta, too!

Favorite Products:

  • Ilia Eyeshadow Palette in Prima: These are everything. Okay, so I don’t own this palette (yet!) but I’ve tried it a few times at their Atlanta store and I love the way it looks with my blue eyes and pale complexion. 

  • RMS Signature Set: I used this little guy EVERY DAY this summer and felt like a goddess, haha! There are four colors and then a little balm. I love the bold color as both a blush and lip color. Easy for on-the-go touch ups, too!

Tongue Cleaner from Amazon: www.amazon.com

Tongue Cleaners… No, FOR REAL, you guys!!! Maybe this one is a little “out there” for your family, but this is the ideal stocking stuffer. Think about it: we clean our teeth, but there is so much food residue on our tongues. Not scraping your tongue is like washing your hands but not under your nails… You can get a metal tongue cleaner on Amazon for like, 5 bucks. Your mouth, your digestion and your breath will thank you.

Still looking for ideas? How about my health coaching holiday package? Give the gift of better health to your loved ones or yourself this season!

Holiday Package ($124)

  • 4 30-min coaching sessions

  • Daily email access for questions and accountability

  • An Integrative Nutrition Journal to track your progress and reflect on your journey (A $17 value)

  • $124 OFF a 6 or 12-pack of health coaching sessions to continue your transformation

  • Client must redeem first session before 12/31/18

On the fence? Here’s what you’re gifting yourself or your loved one when you purchase the Holiday Package.

Personalized Care & Support:

When was the last time your health professional asked you how you were doing and really listened? A health coach cares about you and has your best interests in mind. Health coaches aren’t measured on how quickly they can get their clients in and out of the door. Instead, we focus on our conversation with you, listen to your ideas, ask questions and provide advice and feedback. We’ve been where you are and will climb back into the trenches with you to help you get out. Bonus? Some health coaches even love to give gifts - because, hello! It’s a love language! Find a health coach who resonates with you and who will support your journey in an open, welcoming and positive way.

Find the right foods and eating habits for YOU:

Paleo? Whole 30? Vegan? Keto? Working with a health coach helps to demystify foods and diets. You’ll learn the difference between REAL health food and “fake” health food. The truth? One person’s food is another woman’s poison. So, you’ll figure out your personal blueprint for eating healthy, nourishing food.

The lifestyle that works for YOU:

Health isn’t just about the food on your plate. It’s about every component of life: career, social life, exercise, relationships. Do you ever get involved with a passion project and you're so fueled by the work that you lose track of time? OR, have you ever been in an awful relationship and you ate food to feel better about it? *raises both hands* Eat all the kale in the world, but if you’re surrounded by toxic relationships, you’ll be held back. Health coaches take a holistic approach to health and wellness, looking at how all areas of life are connected. Does stress at work cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? These are the questions you’ll get answers to when working with a health coach.

You’ll finally take action (with a lil’ kick in the you-know-what when you need it):

What do you think of when you think of living your healthiest, happiest life? Health coaches work with you create specific goals that bring you closer to that vision! Co-creating goals with reasonable time frames and actionable steps helps you focus on exactly what you’re working toward. You’ll get recommendations and even mini-assignments in between sessions that focus on you taking action. Not clear on your big, grand vision of health yet? That’s what taking the first step in connecting with a health coach is for!


Who wouldn’t want to spend $124 on a health transformation that sets the stage for the rest of their lives? Gift it to yourself or to someone you love.


Holiday Package ($124)

  • 4 30-min coaching sessions

  • Daily email access for questions and accountability

  • An Integrative Nutrition Journal to track your progress and reflect on your journey (A $17 value)

  • $124 OFF a 6 or 12-pack of health coaching sessions to continue your transformation

  • Client must redeem first session before 12/31/18

See you tomorrow for Day 4 of the 5 DAYS OF GIFTING where I'm sharing my Goal SLAYING gift guide!