5 Exercise Tips for Busy Women

It takes time and effort to take care of your body - no argument there! But it’s incredibly important to find and make time to exercise.

The benefits of exercise are too important to ignore, yet most of us are too busy to even make time for what we WANT to do, let alone find time to create new, healthy habits. It’s not exactly relaxing to start a new exercise routine when you’re already exhausted from work, volunteering, and other commitments.


Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to fit exercise in by living an active lifestyle, without having to go to the gym every single day. Doing the same thing day in and day out is, say it with me, “booooring!"

Habits we find boring aren’t habits we’re likely to keep up forever.

Here are six great ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine.

Each tip is tested for sustainability, and will make exercise a lot more fun than those one-size-fits-all routines you’ve probably tried in the past.

1. Rethink your seating. Yes, really. 

At work, do you sit in a normal office chair? If so, consider shifting to a standing desk, which exercises your leg muscles much more actively than you would if you were sitting all day. Even sitting on an exercise ball forces your core muscles to activate, helping your body exercise to keep itself stable. It may not seem like much, but those efforts stack up to greater muscular strength over time.

2. Rethink your commute.

If you’re in a position where you can walk or bike to work, that can be a start to your day that’s both active and relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to how tough this is in Atlanta, so you could even consider driving to the office and parking as far from your office as you can stand. You’ll walk into the office centered from the movement and time spent listening to your own thoughts. Even doing exercises based around sitting can add up. Some shoulder flexion action during the morning traffic jam can go a long way toward preventing stiffness and tightness in the body.

3. Do what you love.

Love going out to dance with girlfriends on Saturdays? Take up ballroom dancing or even Zumba. Enjoyed playing sports growing up? Get your cute self outside and try a few drills at the field. By building upon what you already love, you’re setting the stage to have a lot more fun than doing exercise you “have” to do.

4. Recruit your friends.

Ever hear the saying, “The more, the merrier?” It applies to fitness, too! Grab a friend or two for a hike, jog, bike ride, or leisurely stroll. You’ll find that the time flies – and you might even find yourself looking forward to your next excursion!

5. Don’t punish yourself for low activity.

The body adapts to activity levels, but it also la-la-loves to rest. Even if you just stretch your body during commercial breaks while watching Bachelor in Paradise this summer, keeping your body from growing sedentary is a very good thing. So keep it going to see benefits! You’ll never regret exercising, even if it feels like “not enough.”

6. Work towards a goal and tie it to a reward.

Do you consider yourself to be a competitive person? Then setting a goal with a reward you’re excited about could be the perfect option for you! Always wanted to run a 5K? Set a goal and celebrate with a new running outfit. Want to get consistent with workouts? Create a calendar for your refrigerator and aim to check the box at least 4 times a week before you reward yourself with that manicure.


How do you make sure you get enough exercise? How do you make your exercise work in your routine? Share your experience in the comments!