Are you a busy bee? Here’s how to avoid burnout and increase peace of mind.

Do you consider yourself a busy bee? Do you take joy in crossing off your to-do list? Is your ability to get stuff done a badge of honor for you?

Sound just like you?

You may be more prone to burnout or have less peace of mind than other women. 

Don’t worry! I used to hang out in burnout, too. When I was working a full-time (read: 24/7) sales job, there was no time for peace of mind. In fact, getting “zen" was last on my priority list, if it even made the list at all. I was stressed, tired, and lost.

As women, we want to do it all: be a girl boss AND have a family. Work the full-time job AND the side hustle.

But, think about your phone: can you use it if the battery is dead?

So, what helped this busy bee conquer burnout?

I used to think mindfulness meant slowing down. After learning more and practicing meditation, I realized that mindfulness doesn’t have to mean sitting on a pillow with my eyes closed for 20 minutes.

It’s about getting present with whatever is going on in the moment. 

It’s about looking away from the to-do list to focus on the single task at hand.

Whether burnout is already draining your battery, or you want more peace of mind, try these today to start a new habit. 

Prioritize your to-do list.

  • If you’re a busy bee, you’re probably great at making lists. If it’s overwhelming you, prioritize each item! By prioritizing, we take the stress out of feeling like we need to accomplish each one immediately.

Get accountability.

  • Beating burnout isn’t just about willpower: it takes resources! Apps like Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer are all great options for taking a mindfulness minute on-the-go. You may want to connect with a health coach for personalized support. A health coach can truly listen to your unique situation and offer support. Having resources that work just for you is key for peace of mind.

Cut social media time in half.

  • Technology has a grip on us and throws many ideas at us  every day. Social media can also get us comparing our progress to others. If you could decrease social media time in half, what other things could you do? Meditate? Explore a new hobby?

Work more slowly (sort of).

  • Incorporating mindfulness into something you’re already doing is a great way to beat burnout. Do you spend your lunch break at your desk? Before you eat, breathe in for six counts, holding your breath for three, then exhaling deeply for six counts. Repeat three times. Have to sit in meetings all day? Stay focused by taking three intentional breaths before each meeting begins.

Get crystal clear on your goals and aspirations.

  • The more clear you are on what you want, the more easily you can say “no” to what doesn’t fall into that vision. Your to-do list will naturally shrink when you’re only committing to the things that are aligned with your goals, aspirations and values.
Avoid Burnout and Increase Peace of Mind - Lauren Stickney Health Coach

Which tip will you implement today to avoid burnout and increase your peace of mind?