Demystifying Health Coaching Part 2: Her Before and After Transformation

Earlier this week we demystified health coaching by talking about the 5 benefits of hiring a health coach.

You might be thinking,

“Easy for you to say, Lauren! You ARE a health coach.”

To that I say, Girl, you’re totally right…

It’s like deciding where to go for dinner tonight. You don’t really listen to the restaurant owner, do you?

Nooo! You get recommendations from your girlfriends, from people like you, who’ve eaten at that restaurant and swear by their delicious meals!

So, I brought in a girlfriend (a.k.a. a former client and sweet friend) to give you the real deal. 

Read on for my mini-interview with Melanie. This ad gal and yogi transformed her health to eat better, know which habits work for her (and which don’t!), all while blowing past roadblocks and even feeling confident on a “bad” day.

How She Did It - Melanie.png

What were your top 2 goals upon starting health coaching?

"1. Guidance on what to eat and when (meal plan). 2. Help on identifying bad habits that keep me from achieving my health goals.”

What changes have you noticed in your health and life as a result of health coaching?

“Greater AWARENESS about what I'm eating and WHY. This sounds basic, but has helped me tremendously in identifying the root cause of why I eat one item over another.”

Lauren was able to help me work toward these goals by…

“Getting in my headspace and helping me talk through my thought process, which helped us determine how to create an action plan.”

Editor’s Note: Okay, I’m blushing already but have to jump in! Part of what a health coach is trained to do is ask you the tricky yet powerful questions to figure out what is really holding you back. It’s the juicy stuff that’s a couple layers deep that helps us create a clear game plan to guide you past those mental roadblocks. Okay, Mel… carry on!

Would you recommend this health coaching service? Why or why not?

"Absolutely! Lauren is a true 'girl's girl' and has experienced all the drama, food cravings, inconvenient breakouts, and guy drama that you and your best friend have experienced. She is a safe space of love, encouragement, and advice. Even if you don't feel like you need a coach, I encourage everyone to at least chat with Lauren because she knows and she can help."

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been…

"The confidence that it's ok to have a ‘bad’ day. Bad days aren't really bad because they're part of the journey and bring us closer to our true selves and approach to food.”


*hands raised* Yessss!

What I love about Mel’s success story is that she not only took on a food transformation during our coaching program, but she committed to ALL areas of life that impact her health.

I call these things “life food.” Life food is the non-food fuel that either drains us or nourishes us. Some examples of life food are relationships, mindset, self-care and career. 

I watched Melanie inspire her co-workers in an industry that can be filled with stress. She embraced a new relationship with health: one that’s now guilt-free yet focused.

Hello, grace! Hello, acceptance! Helloooo, self-love!


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