You want it? Here's how to make it happen.

Before I transformed my health, I wanted clear skin, I wanted to lose weight, and I wanted to feel great in my body.

I'd spend hours in the mirror covering my acne and changing outfits seven times to cover an extra 25 pounds.

I’d enjoy a night out then feel guilty and go sweat it out in the gym the next day with a green juice in hand.

If I'm being honest with myself?

Wanting didn’t get me anywhere.

I wasn’t ever motivated or ready to transform my health. I didn't have willpower.

A clear intention made the difference.

Intention is always bigger than wanting.

Intention means committing to achieving something by making a plan for success—and sticking to it!


The Key to Intention is Action.

Try these to build your intention muscles and identify habits that are keeping you from achieving your health goals.

  1. Get clear on what you want. Create a vision board by gathering images and words aligned to your goals. Pinterest is great for this or you can go old school!
  2. Do something to make your desire happen. Let’s say you want to eat four servings of vegetables a day. Your first action could be to go to a farmers’ market and buy a few veggies you can cook for lunch and dinner.
  3. Reward yourself! Don’t forget to cheer yourself on for your mini-milestones along the way. I love aligning small, medium and large rewards and with similar sized milestones as an act of self-love.

Happiness and fulfillment come from progress, not perfection.

Rather than diving into your morning and wanting to achieve your day’s big goal, why not take a moment and set yourself up for success?

Getting in your headspace and thought process helps you determine how to create an action plan.

Try this exercise used by the pros. 

  • Before you roll out of bed, think about what you have planned for your day.
  • Think about your desired outcome. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself succeeding.
  • Replay your success several times in your mind.
  • Then, add other senses like sounds, smells, and touch. For example, as you replay your success of clear skin, you can hear your girlfriends say, “Wow! Your skin looks great! What have you been doing?"
  • Lastly, replay the scene again, adding emotions. Feel yourself overwhelmed with peace that you're looking in the mirror at glowing skin!
  • You can perform this exercise throughout the day as desired. 

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