Why you're craving certain foods and how to deal

Healthy Snack Options

Hangry's not a good look for me, I'll tell ya.

There are two types of "hanger." (Hangry = Hungry + Angry)

  1.  Things get busy or you're head-down in a passion project... aaaaand you forget to eat. It's a vicious cycle:  after being on a high doing something you love, you're inevitably hangry and just. need. something. NOW. (Enter: anything you can get your hands on.)

  2. You cannot stopppp thinking about a certain food and are super grumpy until you get it.

No matter which camp you're in, there are tons of healthy options to satisfy cravings or hunger before your next meal.

There are four main types of foods that people crave: Sweet, Salty, Creamy and Crunchy. I'm usually on Team Sweet, but at the end of the day, hunger or cravings should not be dismissed or shamed, but embraced!

Craving's are telling our bodies something.

Many people think their cravings are a sign of weakness, but it's just the opposite. Think about it: your body regulates it's temperature perfectly on it's own, digests your food without you thinking about it, and your heart beats 24/7 without stopping. Your body knows what it's doing - why fight it?

If you're a questioner, you might be thinking, "Okay, so why am I craving chocolate?" Here are a few reasons.

  1. Your body's out of balance:
    • Remember what I said about regulating temperature? The same can go for the food we ingest. If you're eating lots of salty foods, your body may crave something more expansive and high in water content, like raw fruits and vegetables.
  2. You thirsty, girl:
    • Did anyone else have a mama who would say "Drink a glass of water first" when you wanted to eat in between meals? Mama knows best. A lot of times, our bodies are just dehydrated but we think we're craving food.
  3. Your body needs nutrients or is responding to hormonal needs:
    • Random, seemingly odd cravings are often linked to nutrient needs. Think of all the pregnant mama-to-be's out there. Those cravings aren't "just popping up," but rather are signs that the body (or baby) needs something.
  4. It's completely unrelated to food:
    • Here's the big one that people miss, but it's probably most important. Have you ever craved chocolate after a heartbreak? Filling that void and pain with food is totally human... it's also a good opportunity to notice where you may need some non-food love.

Whether you need a healthy on-the-go option for those hustle days, or just want to satisfy a food craving... I've got you covered!

Here are my personal favorites:

SWEET: Honest answer? A handful of organic dark chocolate chips. :) Though small, there's iron in dark chocolate that is often craved by women.

CREAMY: I love Fage brand greek yogurt (0 or 2%) with 1 cup of raspberries and a sprinkle of unsweetened shredded coconut. It's been my go-to recently for a mid-morning snack if I'm hungry.

SALTY: Baked sea salt kale chips are SO. DELICIOUS. I enjoy these as a PM snack by prepping them on Sunday and stocking them in an air tight container for the week ahead.

CRUNCHY: 1 slice of ezekiel / sprouted grain toast, with 1 tablespoon of crunchy almond butter.

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