How She Did It: Su

Ever move to a new city all by yourself? I did this five years ago and trust. me. hunnyyyy... it took me a while (and a few extra pant sizes) to get into a healthy groove!

So when I got connected with Su who wanted to lose weight, add variety to her ho-hum vegetarian meals, and increase her energy all in the midst of just having moved to Atlanta, I knew we were going to have some fun. 😃 

We love ATL - but boyyyy, moving to a new city and being healthy at the same time isn't easy.

We love ATL - but boyyyy, moving to a new city and being healthy at the same time isn't easy.

We started by envisioning what “great health" looked like for her. No playing small… what was the IDEAL scenario?

Then, we created a game plan by saying, “Okay, in one month, what’s attainable?”

"I thought it would be difficult to achieve our goals but Lauren made it so easy and interesting… [she’s] an extremely supportive and motivating person." (Blushing over here, btw!)

And I have to tell you, she exceeded all of her goals AND THEN SOME! The results were impressive for just one month.

She increased her energy! “[I have] STAMINA: earlier I couldn’t finish one cardio class.” We experimented with a variety of vegetarian protein sources like quinoa, chia, pumpkin seeds and vegan protein powders. We also added greens into her favorite recipes; a super easy addition that anyone can try.

She also improved her sleeping patterns by decreasing coffee consumption from 2-3 cups a day with cream and sugar to just 1 cup a day (by the way, that’s a big one; who doesn’t love their AM coffee?)!

Finally, she lost 8 pounds by pairing these diet and lifestyle changes with her current exercise routine - woohoo!

If I wasn't already super proud, I also saw a shift that had nothing to do with the scale: courage.

“[Lauren] motivated me to complete 11,000 steps daily and encouraged me to start running as well.” Su even reached out to her community for running buddies, something that she might have hesitated to do in the past. I love when my clients reach the point where they take their health into their own hands.

The unexpected results? “Better skin texture and healthy glowing skin was a surprise… I think everybody should get the chance to appreciate [health coaching].”

I gotta tell you, this girl truly IS glowing and she’s not stopping now. Su’s goal is to lose another 5 pounds and I’m confident she has the tools to be able to do that and more. 

Can we get a round of applause for this girl?! YOU’RE AWESOME, Su!

Comment below; how has Su's success story inspired you to transform your own diet and lifestyle?!