Wondering why restrictive diets usually lead to a downward spiral on the weekend?

Perhaps you had big plans to get it all figured out (the weight, the skin, the career, the future partner),

but they fizzled out after a couple months of good intentions.

You’re just not where you thought you’d be by now and you’re thinking, why not?

Here's why...

Lauren Stickney Health Coach - 6MonthProgram Diets.png

What would be possible if you could focus on what you CAN have and CAN control?


Hi! I'm Lauren. I used to live the 20-Something lifestyle. I was happy, but...

  • I moved 1,000 miles from home to a city where I had no friends

  • Spent late nights drinking making those friends (no regrets!)

  • Tried to sweat everything out in the gym the next day, green juice in hand

  • I was 25 pounds overweight, dating the wrong guys who didn’t respond to my texts...

  • Spent hours in front of the mirror covering up my acne or throwing a million outfits on the floor before a date night or girls night out

  • Learned my perfect photo angles for hiding my body, and

  • Worked an intense first job out of college, making six figures within my first year, but working late nights and weekends: hello, stress eating

I was burnt out. "I can do this by myself" was my motto.


then I turned it around...

One day, a girlfriend introduced me to health and life coaching.

I signed up for every opportunity I could get my hands on. For months, without my girlfriends knowing or saying much about it to family, I transformed my life.


Now, I’m so excited to share it with you!

At the time, I was doing this for me: I wanted a better life, and I made it happen using all of the strategies and tools I picked up along the way.

Why can't every woman have this?


Imagine what would be possible if you could get control of your life’s direction?

What would be possible if...

  • The weight fell off and stayed off without restrictive diets

  • You stopped craving junk food or sweets when you’re stressed out

  • You had glowing skin

  • You could turn heads of the people you want to attract most

  • You could truly let go with people and just be yourself

What would be possible if everyone, including yourself, loved you unconditionally for who you are?

Lauren Stickney Health Coach - 6MonthProgram Introducing.png

your health. your terms. no restrictions.

No more measuring success in pounds, inches, Instagram likes and pant size. Uncover the woman who's already inside, who you're meant to be.

You can expect to get:

  • Get crystal clear on your mountain-sized goals and actually reach them without overwhelm

  • Easily navigate the diet and nutrition world to find out what food is right for you, without ever implementing a strict diet

  • Find a positive lifestyle, relationship and mindset with your health

Bonus? You may become the single source of your own happiness!


client love!



Standard Package

  • Complimentary health history consultation where I learn your goals, what's working, what's not working; basically, I learn exactly what it's like to be you

  • A personalized 6-month plan, including 1-month, 3-month and 6-month health and lifestyle goals to keep you on track

  • 12 50-minute 1x1 coaching sessions using proven coaching methods, including a full set of notes from each session (so you can focus on our conversation instead of scribbling down ideas while we talk)

  • 12 sets of personalized recommendations and mini-assignments that focus on taking action in between sessions

  • Healthy care packages, because giving gifts is a love-language: skin care, journals, food samples, coupons, gift cards, etc.

  • 30-day Get Started checklist with to-do items during your first month of the program: no guess work on how start reaching your goals, I got you covered!

  • Complete access to my resource library for the duration of your program, including videos and articles on topics like nutrition principles and education, nutrition tips and advice, exercise, relationships, finding your purpose, self-care and healthy lifestyle

  • Access to vetted, accurate, non-biased information on over 100 dietary theories, tailored to foods you actually enjoy without spending time wondering, “What foods should I actually be eating?"

  • Unlimited text and email accountability during business hours (Daily 7am-9am and 5pm-9pm): Got a question while you're at the restaurant? In the grocery store? About to eat the second piece of cake? Traveling with no Whole Foods in sight? I got you.

  • A customized grocery shopping trip where you’ll master nutrition labels and work the grocery store like a boss

  • My 100% commitment to you as your partner in reaching your goals. There's no such thing as failing: you'll be celebrated for all accomplishments, no matter how big or small. But, if you choose to withdrawal, you'll get your money back for the remaining sessions.


How It Works: platinum Package

Platinum package

Includes everything in the Standard package, and:

  • My 20-Something Acne E-Book, a comprehensive 25-page guide for clear skin

  • Complimentary 1-hour bonus session dedicated to meal planning and prepping

  • Complimentary access to all workshops, online webinars, forums, cooking classes, online group challenges and events I offer during the duration of your program

  • Complete access to my resource library for 1 year upon your program start date, which includes videos and articles on topics like relationships, exercise, finding your purpose, self-care, healthy habits and more


The Investment

Program packages can be arranged as monthly auto-bill payments over 6 months, or save by paying in full.


excited to get started?



Who is this program not for? +

Someone who simply needs nutrition information: While this program does focus on info, it also focuses on transformation, where real change happens and has little to do with what vitamins are in kale. If all you need right now is some basics, I would recommend you don’t purchase this program and check out my blog instead! Someone who wants a quick fix: Hey, there's a time and place for quick detoxes, I get that. This program includes more than a detox. Email me and I’m happy to recommend you short-term ideas. Anyone who desires prescribed medical attention, like calorie counts and food measurements: Many women desire a resource that will tell them exactly what to eat, how much and when. If that’s you, I’d recommend speaking with a dietician or clinical nutritionist. I’m happy to send you my recommendations!

Where did you get your training from? +

I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories – Whole30, gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, macrobiotics, and everything in between. My education armed me with knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. I studied with experts such as Joshua Rosenthal, Deepak Chopra MD, David Katz MD MPH of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, Walter Willett MD DrPH of Harvard University’s nutrition program, Andrew Weil MD of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Mark Hyman, Gabby Bernstein, Geneen Roth and Marion Nestle, amongst others.

Health coaching seems like a big investment. I’m afraid it won’t be worth it. +

It seems like a big investment because it IS a big investment… after all, we’re talking about your health and ultimately your life! Envision what you’d like your life to look like exactly six months from now. Get specific. Got the vision? Now, what’s it worth to you make it a reality? Think of a dollar amount. Is that dollar amount worth an investment to have someone support you by providing guidance, encouragement, and holding you accountable? If not, that’s okay! Right now’s not the time. If it IS worth what you envision life to look like, then let’s do this thing!

Diets haven’t worked for me in the past. How can I be sure I’ll get results? +

Diets haven’t worked for me either, which is why I now offer this program. The 6-Month Program is structured to help you find simplicity in food and lifestyle that works for YOU, based on your personal goals. You can’t fail when learning something new!

Why 6 months? +

About 3 months in, life inevitably HAPPENS (you have a big life change, you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, or all the positive changes seemingly go down the drain). I’ll hold your hand through these ups and downs so you’ll know how to handle tough times and celebrate your wins. I've offered shorter programs in the past, but because of the nature of a health transformation, my clients and I have found that 6 months is the perfect amount of time for you to experience the full transformation that this program is meant to deliver. If you’re really eager for a short-term program, check out my Group Program coming out Summer 2018.

What if I can’t meet at the same time every session, or I have to skip a meeting? +

It happens! My clients have busy schedules and I take pride in not keeping them waiting or keeping them longer than planned. Each session will end 60 minutes after it was scheduled to begin. If you ever need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, I ask that you let me know 3 hours in advance. If you have a situation where you cannot let me know 3 hours in advance, you’ll simply forgo that session. The program ends after 12 sessions, or 8 months after your purchase date, whichever comes first.

Will our sessions be confidential? +

100%. Health is personal and I maintain your privacy in our conversations as well as maintaining all program documents in a secure, private location.

What makes a coach different from talking to a family member or friend? +

Family and friends make GREAT support systems. Family and friends are valuable because most of life’s relationships have expectations. If expectations aren’t met, family and friends tend to judge; not because they don’t love you, but because all relationships have expectations. That’s what makes it a relationship! A coach is an objective party looking in with no bias or expectations. I take a look at what you are capable of in a non-judgment zone.

What are the actual sessions like? +

The first session is a health consultation where we look at your health history, your health and life goals, and anything that might be getting in your way of achieving optimal health. This will be our starting point for the rest of the 6-months and give us a clear vision of what life will be like for you when the program is complete. During subsequent sessions, you lead the session and I help you with areas that you’re getting stuck with and hold you accountable.

Am I capable? +

Absolutely, positively, YES. You can do this!


Now is your time.

Thanks for being curious about me and the 6-Month Program!

This is my time to be curious about you:

"How would your life be different if you fully stepped into the woman you’re meant to be?

The one who's already in there, just waiting to be revealed?"


Still not sure?

Let's chat! Email me at connect@laurenstickney.com.