20-Something Acne E-book

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20-Something Acne E-book


Get YOUR acne questions answered with this 25-page e-book.

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Have you struggled with acne since you were a teen and tried everything under the sun? Did you have clear skin growing up, but are just now in your 20's experiencing acne?

My acne started at age 15 and dragged on for TEN YEARS - you're not alone.

20-Something Acne will help you tackle the one thing that's has been holding you back: your skin.

Get YOUR questions answered!

The e-book includes 25 beautifully designed pages where you'll learn:

* What causes acne and why it sticks around after our teenage years; or, why it's just happening NOW as a 20-something,

* How I went from a full face of acne to smooth, clear skin using lifestyle changes and skin-care habits,

* The most effective products for skin, makeup and body to heal acne and prevent new breakouts,

* Tips, tools and resources you can start using TODAY to clear your acne.

My hope is that you won’t have to be a "skincare guinea pig" for years like I was.

As always, consult with an esthetician, dermatologist, or doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle.